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Laminate Flooring from D'Angelo Design Center in St. Augustine is an affordable way to redo your floors.

If you're looking for your floors to be "design dependable" and durable, laminate flooring is exactly what you need. Great for rentals for affordable and strong flooring upgrades.

Laminate flooring from dangelo in St. Augustine




Laminate Flooring



Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product fused together with alamination process.

Laminate floor is a manufactured flooring made by pressing and binding together several layers of materials into a single board. The core layer or the center of the laminate floorboard is almost always made of high density fiberboard. This core, which supports the weight and stresses of foot traffic, effects how sturdy and stable your floor will be. Strength and integrity is further increased by the laminate’s bottom layer.

A decorative layer is pressed to the top of the core pieces or boards. Interestingly the decorative layer is actually a picture of the floor that is printed on the top layer. A transparent protective layer is applied over the decorative layer and is then treated with one or more coats of an aluminum oxide finish. Incredibly wear resistant against scratches, burns, dents and stains makes laminate a obviously choice for many home owners that rent out their homes.

The locking system is a system making the laminate boards click together for fast installs. It’s the hallmark of laminate flooring to come with glue-free, click joints or locking systems.



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